A little Sunshine, makes for a Beauty-full day!

This week I have seen such mangled and disturbing pictures of the journey that some women have had to travel to define their own beauty.  From the youtube video about Dark Skin women documentary promo or the Girls Rule the World video by Beyonce.  I guess in the infamous Oprah quote,” You are worthy because you were born”,it’s just that simple! 

The simplicity of these issues is not to say that simple equates easy or effortless.  Simple things are like the honest, common sense, natural order of things that we must come back to and embrace. The “simple” gives us a reflection goal so that we can take a look at was has fogged our perseption of our worth and wealth.   

The world tries to put beauty in a package and then have you stressed out about having enough money to pay for it.  Then the appeal is somehow caught up in social-class, as if the more money you have the better the opportunity you will have to be really beautiful.  It’s a lie. 

I mean the glitter-beauty is much like the glitter you buy at the craft store, it sparkles, comes in different colors, messy and fun to use.  But you compare glitter to the sparkle and shine of the sunlight, it pales in comparison.  Our beauty needs to be true and lasting.

Spend time keeping our whole body clean and hydrated (inside and outside), exercising to increase the circulation of our blood, smile. be kind to someone you don’t know, connect with your family and most importantly pray, pray, pray.  Give your body the spa treatment with these simple things and your beauty is shining more than just glitter, it will shine like the sun’s light.


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Three Things Every Headwrap Should Have

Good Morning !

Well, today I spent some time reflecting on what would be my favorite headwrap style to date and I was really having a hard time.  I think I could use some creativity is this respect.  I guess in some ways it’s like a hairstyle, how many times do you change your hair style in the span of a week, a month, a year.  I think it goes without saying that the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the wrap you want.  The fabric you choose could add depth, texture, a shimmer or a fullness that gives it that umph!  Then you add color to that and the style combinations begin to define itself.  The Wrap seems more like an accessory.  Needless to say I like them all and I like some of the fierces, most stylish Wraps sometimes on other people. 🙂  So it got me thinking what are some must haves for me, that seems like an easier task.  Below are WombWraps’ Three Things Every Headwrap Should Have.

  1. Convenience:  This is so important for those women who multi-task… isn’t that just about ALL women J .  A style should not impede your daily work and relaxation.  This is when a wrap keeps its shape throughout the day, it is secure enough so that if you wanted to take a brisk walk or jog to catch the bus, or get some exercise the headwrap gives you some versatility and confidence in you style.
  2. Comfort: Be Smart!  If it’s 90 degrees outside do not wear the wool and cotton blended scarf.  Think about what is good for your body… your sanity.  For the daily grind in sweltering heat-weather, give your hair and scalp that much needed air, choose comfortable fabrics. 
  3. Compatibility: This has to do with a combination of Convenience and Comfort, the two mentioned above.  When thinking about the style you want, think about what you want to bring out. As a headWrapper the end product always brings more attention to your face and maybe your ears, depending on the style.  Some questions that we usually ask are:  Do you like your forehead showing or not?, Do you want to bring more attention to your eyes?  Do you want your ear showing or hidden? Also the hair-do underneath your scarf will give you clues as to which style you may choose… that gives you the look you want when you look in the mirror.

I hope this day’s reflection was helpful, share your comments.  For more info or headwrapping options visit www.wombwraps.com   

Until next time… Be Beauty-FULL!

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Well What Do You Call… THAT?

So many times I have experienced the onlooker’s uncertainty and the politically correct way of calling… THAT…. THAT something on your head, with out risking the slight chance of seeming un-hip, un-aware, umm just plain un-open minded.  

I have to say that the chance to take notice or inspect and observe has to be taken regardless.  The naming sometimes MUST come later… if it comes at all.  In fact what should matter more is the message, the perspective it exudes in its own personal body language… some good and some a not so good.  The presence, the essence of THAT… whatever it is on your head, will always bring attention to you, especially a women in this day and age.  So what happens when that attention comes your way, what is your message, your own presence in that space and time?  How do you see yourself?  How do other’s perceive you?  Is what you value able to come through from your inner self to the surface? 

And you thought the naming came first:)  When it comes to the naming, the formalities of each piece of clothing it should ultimately lead us back to its function and purpose.  Whether it is called a fez, khimar, Do-rag, cufi, wrap, scarf  YOU are the one who wears it, so what is your purpose and what function is it serving for you?

Until next time…let your beauty blossom

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Why do YOU Headwrap?

To think that the Head can in fact be a location designed for wrapping at will is a beautiful phenomena.  To understand this one may decide to ask the questions: Are there any benefits to headwrapping?  How has headwrapping been displayed in various cultures and location around the world?  and lastly, but perhaps most importantly… Why does one choose to headwrap?

For me the instance or possibility of headwrapping had been more of a move toward tradition and statement of discipline a symbol of ones commitment to modesty and appreciation of ones TRUE beauty.  Well I guess that about sums it up…except the explanation of my own growth and development through these ideals, beliefs and what it has become at this very moment. 

I look at my childhood photographs and I especially like the one with me and my baby teeth, doll dress and my headwrap.  Common… or UNcommon 🙂  It remains questionable, but whatever IT was it was firstly beautiful beyond description.  The idea of headwrapping meant something to my parents/caregivers… that fortunately supported their understanding of the religion of Al-Islam, their excitement in their true freedom through respect for themselves as servants of the Creator.  Headwrapping was for them and me as well (unconsciously) an expression of that respect for ones physical body… not that my 4/5 year old beauty was not modest enough, but actually regarded at sacred. 

As time would tell as I grew into my own era of seeking my individual ways and personal and separate identity ( not at all rebellious), I sought to question my own beliefs, my own ways of dressing by habit.  It started to become more real, more symbolic and later I found even more unifying to dress with distinction, to dress by my own values, to not be pressured by something not fitting to my personal identity. 

So when I am ask why I headwrap… I simply say it is a choice that has helped support my values, beliefs and the sisterly unity.  This here is very sacred to me.

So how about YOU!  I would love to hear others’ respond to the question:  WHY do you headwrap?

Until next time…. Nurture your TRUE beauty!

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